Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Making Headway in Shifting Winds by Maximizing Value

Date: 5/01/2009
Length: 00:19:08
Size: 8.76MB

Thought Leaders: James Featherstone, Ph.D., VP of Product Development and Commercialization for the EU, Quintiles Consulting, Bruce E. Johnson, Ph.D., Senior Research Director, Eidetics, a division of Quintiles Consulting, and Heidi Hunter, Global VP, Business Development, Quintiles

In episode two, of a three-part series, "Surviving to Thriving in Stormy Weather," our thought leaders discuss new commercialization processes as healthcare moves towards personalized medicine. They also cover how to assess market potential for personalized therapies, post-launch sales strategies for niche drugs, and finally, meeting the needs of global and regional markets for these types of therapies.

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